Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Make your own art

Having fun this evening, listening to Sam Cooke (who I'm told my parents knew before he became famous). Needed a break and started creating shapes just using what is available in QuarkXPress 9. You can use InDesign CS5.5, Pages, or Open Office to just play. Here are two projects.

The first is a party postcard. Take a circle and a rectangle. Create a color palette, use gradients and transparency to create the effect you want. Apply some simple color and type effects, and suddenly what was plain is given dimension.

The second started with star bursts of different shapes and sizes. I added a square with a simple border, type, and a photo inset (no her name isn't Peggy Sue) to round out the look. All in an hour or so (sounds like an ad).

How will I use this time of play? To be honest I don't know. I can only trust it will come in handy. Hope you got a few ideas.

Finishing off with Shania Twain, "Any Man of Mine. . .Whoo!" See you next time.

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