Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Catching up

Hi friends,

Yes it's been awhile, to put it lightly. Had a busy December (as I'm sure you did too)! Time to Catch up!

Catch up #1: Things I'm learning along the way I thought I knew
I thought I knew page layout applications. Sometimes the solutions you really don't know are the ones that have been hiding in plain sight.  One of my weekly tasks has been to add sales rep tables to a newsletter. Excel docs were given to me. The names of the reps sometimes appeared in all caps. I used a site that a colleague recommended called Convert Case to change the all caps to caps and lower case (c/lc). It worked fine. As we added more data in subsequent projects, copying and pasting took more time and required more checking and double-checking to make sure names read correctly.

One particular week I was short on time and long on content. I began to wonder, isn't there a better way? I was reminded by one of our in-house designers of a sub-menu item named Change Case. Here it is in Quark XPress 9.

change case qxp-before
With type selected, go to Style menu and select Change Case>Title Case.

Donald Designer now appears properly, quickly and easily.

Change Case also appears in Adobe InDesign, Adobe Illustrator, and Apple Pages.

Catch up #2-software updates
Quark XPress extended their version 10 update sale for version 8 and 9 users only. Information can be found here.

Adobe has updated a number of their popular applications for Creative Cloud subscribers.  Log into CC and check out the new updates.

More next time. Thanks again for checking in!

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