Monday, December 27, 2010

Rounded Corners, part 2

Hope everyone had (or is continuing to have) a great holiday break. Now, back to work.

In my last post I started discussing rounded corner usage by graphic designers in both print and web projects. I mentioned what you can do with InDesign CS5, and using the rounded corners script that ships with InDesign CS2, CS3, and CS4.

Today I'm sharing how to make rounded corners using Quark XPress 8. I'm using Quark 8.5, Mac. I recently learned this while working on another project. (Thanks Matt!)

My sample project was created with Landscape format, Letter size page. The font used is Fontin Sans Regular, Bold and Italic, Open Type. The image used was taken at a book signing for Patricia Cornwell's new novel, Port Mortuary. My wife Shirley is with Patricia, one of her favorite mystery writers.

Sample project

Select the picture box. With the box selected, go to the Item menu and select Step and Repeat (Option-Command-R, Mac). Set horizontal and Vertical offsets to 0. Click OK. Set frame width to 4 pt., color of your choosing. You now have two boxes stacked directly on top of each other.

Select the top most picture box and change the corners from straight to rounded. A radius of .75 inch was used here. Experiment to select the radius that suits you. Deselect this panel.

Next, select the panel with out the curves. Change to the pen tool with the plus sign (+). Add point to one or two corners as shown.

 Change to the minus point tool (-) and delete the corner point only.

With both images now selected, go to the item menu and select Merge>Union.

You will next see this following dialog. Click OK.

The two panels merge into one, completing your image with rounded corners.

Don't stop there though. Experiment. Change colors and the style of rounded frames. Make the design your own and give it your own unique look.

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