Tuesday, March 29, 2011

In Praise of Paper

I get a lot of mail inviting me to attend seminars and other events. I'm sure you do too. Lately it's been to attend the HOW Design Conference (http://www.howconference.com/ehome/index.php?eventid=17015&tabid=23071&). I received several invites. A few I passed along to staff members, and the rest found their way into a recycling bin.

All except one.

What was different about this one? Not the message. Not the design. It was the paper.

The post card was printed on Canaletto Grana Grossa Bianco, 78 lb. cover stock by Gruppo Cordenons.  This uncoated stock has a subtle texture that intrigued me. That choice of paper in a moment took me back to earlier days as a student discovering the wonder of paper, and the value paper brings to a design project.

We're used to seeing items printed on various weights of coated stock. It's nice to see your work printed with a gloss or dull varnish. It's also nice, if the job warrants, to use a paper that helps the customer 'linger' a little longer. If it's been a while, take time to review your paper samples.  Well chosen, an uncoated texture stock can save your client money and provide a tactile experience you can't get online.

If you are a graphic designer living in the Chicago area I encourage you to check out the HOW Design Conference.  The opportunities to learn from top speakers and network with peers is great!

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