Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Time for a change

 Hi everyone.

They say the only constant is change, and they're right. When I began this new entry I was taken to a new template center. I'm trying on this "new look." Hope you enjoy it. Will work out the bugs as we go along.

I learned something else new, thanks to my wife. She had an image she wanted resized and printed on two sheets of construction paper. Clip art was from Microsoft Word. 

Screen capture of Word doc
She sent the Word document. I opened it, and increased the viewing size. I clicked off on Word to my desktop and made a screen capture (Command-shift-3 on a Mac. You can also use Command-shift-4 to select a detail of the window. Apple's utility, Grab is another great tool).

Next I opened the screen capture in Photoshop. I increased the image size a bit, cropping and performing minor sharpening tweaks. I wanted to print the document in sections. How did I do it? I  could have brought the image into Quark XPress and printed a tiled image, but I wanted an easier way. I found it, thanks to Photoshop Help. In the File menu, I learned to select Print with Preview.

Print with Preview dialog window
A new window appears, with a thumbnail of the image I want to print. When I select the thumbnail the hand becomes a crosshair I can use to reposition the image to just the part I want to print.

Simulated landscape format printout

 I set my desired paper size and orientation, and press the print button. Two sheets of landscape format printed pages later, she had her document to assemble and post wherever she desires.

Always, when I least expect it, I learn something new I can use at home and at work. How about you?

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