Monday, January 23, 2012

Projects for Fun

Hello and a belated Happy 2012!

There is great satisfaction in our day jobs as designers. Sometimes though the most fun you can have is working on your "projects for fun". Whatever you call them, they provide a respite from your challenges of the day. You learn a new skill, or master an existing one.

Perhaps it's the flyer for your church event. A drawing for your kiddos. Sketching out a proposal for a contractor. Whatever the project, the fun is not only in learning something new, but taking you a little out of your comfort zone. Following a few projects of mine I did for fun.

A logo for one of my sons, affectionately called . . . you know. 

Sketch for a home remodeling project made in Illustrator. Line art with scanned textures.

Cover for a publication on sight singing. Photograph with Photoshop effect applied, Quark XPress 9

Flyer advertising a gospel music event. InDesign CS

Magazine cover design from a tutorial by Terry White. I used Quark XPress instead of InDesign,
OK, now it's your turn. Please show us what you do for fun!

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