Sunday, March 18, 2012

Can you tweak it a bit?

Last time, one of my project examples was lacking something, at least to me. The post card example which looked OK in Quark lacked contrast when I saved it as a low-resolution PDF. I upped the contrast in Photoshop, but not enough for your viewing pleasure. That would not be acceptable if this were a paying job (yours), and your approval was needed on-screen. You'd probably ask for a tweak.  And being the designer I am, I'd go back to the drawing board (my computer).

First, I would export the project at a higher resolution than I supplied before. I would make a production quality PDF, or in this case, re-save my sample in a different manner and at a higher contrast.

But this might not be sufficient. I would notice it if I viewed it in a web browser or making a printout.

Next I would push the saturation and or contrast even more. Increasing the saturation didn't help, but upping the contrast produced a sunnier result.

Third: create some contrast via adding a different color. Here I used a darker brown in various places and added a black border.

One more: bring in a blue to contrast with the sunny color.

Which would you choose? Which ones would you present if you could only present two?

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