Sunday, June 24, 2012

A little bit of this and that

Haven't posted in awhile. Thanks for checking in.

Since last time Quark XPress released an update, 9.3. The main feature is the ability to export a file to Kindle's MOBI format. If you are a Quark 9 user you will want to install and use the update.

Screen capture of Quark's ePub tutorial file ready for Export to Kindle.

To get the benefit of the update you'll also need to install KindleGen available here. Quark will prompt you to do so if you don't already have it. KindleGen will download and install the Kindle Previewer. This tool will help you ensure text and graphics appear properly.

Screen capture of the ePub in Kindle Previewer. The previewer allows you to check the readability of the document in various devices.

Recently I saw a tip from the Before and After website. The video discussed the technique of using  an oversize image for maximum impact. By the way, John McWade provides a great service to novice and established designers with his videos and PDFs.

For fun I developed some banner designs based on a variation of the principle.

Hope your creative juices have been stimulated a bit!

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