Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Links on the Right, Create Art from Photos


Before working on this post I checked out one of the links to the right, Design Festival. The post shared 5 free resources for designers. It's worth a look and a few downloads. Check out the others too.

It was time to change the blog design too.  Hope this one is a little easier on the eyes.

Some time back I encouraged you (and myself) to spend a moment using the filters that ship with Photoshop. As I recall it was with an image taken after a snowstorm.

With Photoshop CS6 recently I used the filters to play with similar effects.

Close up of party setting.
 I duplicated the background first, then applied a filter to the new layer.

Image with watercolor effect applied.

Tweaking the filter produced a watercolor painted effect.

A still life pottery display. Similar steps, using  the pillow filter to give the image a little sheen.

A dash of pillow effect makes the porcelain shine.

Try using Live Trace and other effects with Illustrator CS6.

Live Trace with painterly effect.

 Cross hatching effect.

I hope you will be moved to use the tools you have to turn static photos into a work of art.

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