Sunday, April 28, 2013

More overlooked InDesign Resources and changing type to outlines

I was very surprised to note that after posting my previous blog, the InDesignSecrets podcast also discussed overlooked InDesign resources. (David and Anne-Marie's program was recorded and posted before me) Check it out! One of the website notes links back to a list of 150 InDesign resources. It is a very cool list! Congrats to Anne-Marie Concepcion and David Blatner for adding Creative and InDesign Magazine to their company!

Today's post covers changing type to outlines. I was excited to show samples from various software programs. Shown below are headline size bold type converted to outlines, and further manipulated using features in the software.

First up is Photoshop (the one I opened first). In CS 6, I created a new document. With the type tool I keyed some text.

Museo 900 font (purchase via

Next the type was converted to shapes.

Type>Convert to Shape
Playtime begins!

Changed the Fill color and added a color stroke

Added a drop shadow effect to the type

Next up was Illustrator (the program I first used to create outlined type).

Type>Create Outlines

converted black to color gradient

Continuing in the Adobe family with InDesign. Created a new document, added some type. with type selected I converted it to outlines.

Image placed into the outline shapes

Last but not least is a version using Quark XPress.

Type converted to outlines, image imported into outline shapes. Added background and drop shadow.
(photo courtesy Pam S. and Tim L.)
You can also use the outline shapes as a logo.

(photo courtesy Pam S. and Tim L.)

Just because you can create type outlines doesn't mean you SHOULD, though. For long text documents, for example, it's best to Collect (Quark XPress) your legally acquired fonts with image files, Package (InDesign) with layout and image Links, or Save/Export the document as a PDF. See the following InDesignSecrets article here. See also this article and this video.  For visually striking headlines, logos, and works of art, creating outlines is one of the designer's best friends.

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