Wednesday, August 28, 2013

A Wedding and book cover fun


Been busy with family doings as well as multiple projects at work.

We had a wedding in our family recently. As part of the preparations we used our creativity to help make a memory for my daughter and new son-in-law. My wife made the table settings. One of my sons organized a Spotify playlist, and served as our reception DJ.  The vocalists in the fam sang during the wedding service. My oldest son designed the wedding program.

Table cards for the wedding were designed to complement my son's wedding program design. The font used for the table numbers and heads is Little Lord Fontelroy NF Pro ($10 at, and the florid is from a vector pack. The table cards were assembled with Photoshop layers and exported as jpegs. We printed the cards and trimmed them. Finally the cards were placed in card table stands we bought at IKEA.

Also prepared but not used was a wedding favor tag design that was to color coordinate with the food that guests were to be served (beef, chicken, kid-friendly, and vegetarian).

Here are a couple of other designs I've worked on since the last post. I should say, played with, because that's a more accurate description. A friend of mine occasionally shares beautiful images from NASA on social media. I checked out the images on NASA's site, and downloaded a couple for book cover/jacket sample design/exploration.  The imagery is the star here. Comps were assembled with Photoshop.

NASA photo. Design © Isaiah Sheppard Jr.

NASA photo. Design © Isaiah Sheppard Jr.

Next time: cruising by design. See you then, Lord willing!

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