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I enjoy being at home, but I like to occasionally get out and enjoy the wonders of the world (even if it's to my local library or Barnes and Noble).

My wife and I like to travel. Several years ago we began taking short cruise vacations. Last year we took a cruise on one of the major cruise lines, Royal Caribbean. We experienced a weather-related delay before we could board the ship, but once underway we had a great time. On one of those days the designer's hat went on and I began to notice things that helped to make my stay as a designer more memorable. I'd like to show just a couple (I won't be showing videos or posed pictures, in case you were wondering) that demonstrate the power of user-friendly graphic design.

One of the questions people want to know when cruising: where is the front of the ship?  When you're on a large vessel it can be unnerving if you don't know where you are.  On our ship, visual clues began on our door.

Each room number has a blue triangle that points to the front, or forward, of the ship.
(Red circle) The deck number was changed for privacy.

If you're walking below deck you may also see signs like this.

Clearly defined sign that shows which deck you're on, your current location,
and where the Forward is.

 On one of the ship levels there was a touch screen device that shows a user where activities for the day are located, shops on board, and yes, where's Waldo.

Touch screen finder

And if you really want to know where forward is, check out this free-standing device. It is positioned so it points toward the front of the ship.

Just point me in the right direction, he says. . .

The logo for Royal Caribbean is displayed in hundreds of ways throughout the ship, large and small, with and without the company name. There is consistency and tasteful symbol usage throughout. From the placement on the ship to their website, it's apparent the design and marketing team there takes design seriously, while using the graphics to convey a sense of upscale, fun quality.

Almost the last word: iPhone photos for this post were taken by me. Royal Caribbean name, logo, and elements featured in this post are property of Royal Caribbean International. Be inspired, but don't steal.

Finally, a big thank you to InDesign Secrets hosts Anne-Marie Concepcion and David Blatner for mentioning World Book and myself in their 200th podcast episode. What a humbling moment! A testimony to God's hand on my life and the people who have helped to shape my career along the way.  I'm grateful.

See you next time!

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