Thursday, July 31, 2014

Design in Music City

Every once in a while I get to go with my wife to someplace new. She's a member of an organization for Wound, Ostomy and Continence Nurses, or WOCN. Each year they have a convention to learn about the latest techniques to help their patients, network, and honor members—male and female—who provided outstanding care during the year. This year the convention was in the Music City of the United States, Nashville, Tennessee (some of you probably guessed Motown. Sorry). I had never visited Nashville before, so I was looking forward to going with her. (OK, our wedding anniversary took place during the conference. I didn't want to spend the time alone at home.<3)

While in Nashville I was treated to a variety of graphic, architectural, poster design and product design. I was blown away. There is a lot of great graphic design work being done there. Let me share some of it with you. Photos were taken by me. Logos and design work is the property of the various copyright holders. Don't make me add watermarks, kids.

The signage at the conference utilized this themed graphic along
with the guitars.

You'll find lots of guitars around Nashville. The WOCN
conference planners incorporated the instrument: on
registration booths, on conference materials, and special bags.
Their exhibit and graphic designers were kept busy!
We visited the Country History Museum, across the street from Music City Center. Lots of fascinating artifacts, a special exhibit on Reba McIntire and her music and acting career, and informative displays and iPad interactive games for little and "big kids".

Many displays featured stories of famous country music artists.
This particular poster honored DeFord Bailey, the first African American
inducted into the Country Music Hall of Fame.

Here's a dress that was worn by Dolly Parton.

The Outlaws were the subject of this large poster. Note the monitor
in front of an interview with a country music artist.

Barbara Mandrell is another CM Hall of Fame inductee.

Exterior of the Country Music Museum

Webpage design

While my wife was at the conference, I took in the sights during a daily walk.  On one of those days I decided to visit the Frist Museum of the Visual Arts near our hotel.  I planned to be inspired by the classical and contemporary art. Imagine my surprise to see the poster below. I was drawn in.

From Gertie the Dinosaur to the Hulk! Hours of animation films galore!
We also visited the Mecca of Country Music, the Grand Ole Opry. One evening we attended a show that included the country music debut one of the "Pretty Little Liars" actresses. We also took the backstage tour another day and got to stand in that famous circle of wood where the current and legendary country performers have stood. What a thrill it was. I love their logotype!

Entrance at twilight
Daytime photo at the main gate to the Opry.
My wife learned a lot at the conference. I did, too, touring the city. Enjoying how it celebrates its past and looks forward to the future. Had such a wonderful time, we're now watching reruns of NASHVILLE.

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