Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Looking Back and Moving Forward

It's been a loonnnng while. Here we go!

Taking advice here and looking back on the work I've been doing on my day job as an in-house designer.

One of the privileges I've had is to help World Book re-purpose some of our content into e-books. We replaced fonts, added new images, and created cover art resized for the ePub format. It's been a challenge, and a lot of fun. I appreciate the support of our managers and creative team!

Left: Dogs: From Woofs to Wags series title. Center: Bug Books series title. Right: The Tlingit eBook cover.
© World Book, Inc. All rights reserved. WORLD BOOK, the GLOBE DEVICE, and Bright Connections Media are registered trademarks of World Book, Inc. Used with permission.

World Book Classics eBooks covers. Typography only design with various RGB colors. © World Book, Inc. All rights reserved. Used with permission.

Our Marketing Team has done a great job keeping World Book before our customers, and supporting our sales representatives. Our designers have supported their efforts, producing print and digital catalogs, sales sheets, and e-blasts.

Last but not least, there has been the print and digital product work our teams produce. For over 90 years we've made information for students of all ages easy to use and easy to understand. I'm looking forward to the work to come in 2015.

Experiencing design and the arts in Chicago was a highlight of 2014. In addition to the design exhibits I saw a printmaking show recently. Pics and artist credits are below. I plan to see more of what Chicago has to offer this year.

Moth, Screenprint. 2014  © Sanya Glisic
Catch and Release, Intaglio. © Michele McCoy

Navigating the Familia. Monoprint on Dura-Lar film with Mixed media. 2014 © Kim Laurel
Wishing all the best for you this year!

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