Monday, January 18, 2016

I didn't do it alone . . .

The company I work for moved to a new location. The move was planned a year ago, and among the thousands of things to do was the need to downsize our stuff. We individually made decisions about what to keep, toss, or donate. As a staff we pitched in to help others in the process. We worked as a team as we unpacked in the new space and prepared for the work this season (which for us includes preparing for the US Presidential Election).

As I went through my stuff I was struck with the realization that many persons have contributed to my growth as a person and a designer: family (immediate and extended), teachers (schools and professional via events,, and Linked In), organizations (church groups, service organizations like Kiwanis, and professional organizations) and co-workers past and present. I'm extremely grateful for the opportunities given to me, and the grace many showed to me along the way. While at times hard, I'm also grateful for those who had the courage to confront me when I was about to make the wrong choice for myself, family or work projects.

Thank you. Origins font by Laura Worthington (,
design © Isaiah Sheppard Jr.

As I packed the last crate I felt for the adventure God and World Book has for us next.

Thanks, all of you.

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